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The Advantages of Kraft Stand Up Pouches in Various Industries


1. Kraft stand up pouches are very popular in the pet food industry, because most pet food is in pellets and stored in a dry place. Kraft paper packaging bags also have a good moisture-proof function, and if pets bite the packaging bags, the damage to pets is much less than that of plastic bags.
2. In the nut industry, nuts and dried fruits have always been an important food for people's healthy diet, and nuts and dried fruits are rich in nutrients. It needs to be stored in a dry place, and the requirements for anti-oxidation are not particularly high, mainly because it needs to be moisture-proof. Kraft paper packaging bags can well meet this demand, and Kraft paper is more environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous. It is in line with the concept of healthy eating. The reason why the dried fruit and nut industry chooses Kraft paper packaging bags.
3. Kraft paper packaging bags are also used for tea packaging. The reason is: Kraft paper packaging bags give people a simple effect and a sense of age. It has excellent water resistance and can also protect tea well.

4. For products that are stored in a dry place, the food itself is dry and does not contain too much moisture, Kraft paper packaging bags can basically be used. In addition to the two advantages of moisture-proof performance and environmental protection, kraft paper packaging bags are easy to recycle and have good adaptability.

Kraft Stand Up Pouches

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