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Analysis on the Causes of Air Leakage of Vacuum Pouch


1. The net content or volume of the contents of the vacuum pouch exceeds the acceptable range of the flexible packaging materials used. During transportation or sales and circulation, a little external force will cause the bag to break and crack. The quality of food vacuum packaging materials. The quality of the packaging material causes the sealing cracking of the finished packaging.

2. The physical and mechanical properties of food packaging. Such as tensile strength and tensile elongation, puncture resistance, pendulum impact resistance, peel strength, etc., it can be comprehensively judged whether the physical and mechanical properties such as the toughness, puncture resistance, and impact resistance of the packaging bag meet the requirements of the packaging and storage stack. The requirements of the yard and the transportation process.

3. The sealing problem of food packaging, burst pressure test, can determine the location where the bag is broken and the location with weak mechanical strength. For example, the heat-seal strength test can determine whether the heat-seal strength meets the requirements of the food content, and determine the locations of poor heat-sealing and the uniformity of the heat-sealing effect.

4. The puncture resistance of the packaging bag should be considered as a key consideration for the combination of packaging materials. The leak and sealing strength tester can not only detect the maximum rupture force of the flexible packaging bag, but also test the rupture time of the packaging bag by setting the applied pressure. The stacking structure can be designed according to the test data, and the parameters of the heat sealing process can be further adjusted Improve the packaging effect.

Vacuum Pouch

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