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The Role of Vacuum Pouch


Vacuum pouch is to separate the food and oxygen in the packaging bag by a vacuum pump to prevent the food in the vacuum bag from being oxidized and deteriorated.

1. The main function of the vacuum bag is to remove oxygen, inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and help to avoid rapid erosion and deterioration of food

2. The food is packaged in a vacuum bag, which can remove the air in the packaging bag, form a similar vacuum, and delay the speed of food deterioration.

3. The use of vacuum bags for food packaging can use packaging materials with excellent barrier properties and excellent air tightness, which can effectively avoid communication between the food in the packaging bag and the outside world, and not only prevent food moisture loss, aroma loss, and rapid deterioration , And avoid secondary pollution.

4. The gas inside the Vacuum pouch is almost completely extracted, shortening the distance, speeding up the heat transfer, shortening the sterilization time, improving the efficiency of sterilization, and preventing the problem of bag breakage caused by gas shrinkage due to heat sterilization.

5. Many foods that are easily oxidized are packaged in vacuum bags to prevent fatty acids from oxidizing and flavoring, reducing protein, and food pigments from oxidizing and coloring. In order to preserve the color, aroma, taste and nutritional content of food.

Vacuum Pouch

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