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Roll Stock Film Manufacturers

Foshan Rijing (RJ) Techtronic Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. We have been committed to the supplier of Customized Roll stock film for 18 years. We are a Wholesale Roll stock film manufacturer and supplier specializing in the manufacture of flexible packaging such as Roll stock film. We established a research and development department in 2013 and have our own laboratory. Foshan Rijing Technology Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. is a collection of Customized Roll stock film consulting, design, customization, sales, and service in one of the plastic flexible packaging production enterprise.   As a Roll stock film factory, our products are widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, with a global presence.

The main advantage of the Roll stock film application in the packaging industry is the cost savings throughout the packaging process.  Roll stock film is used in automatic packaging machinery. No packaging production enterprises need to carry out any edge sealing work. Only one-time edge sealing operation can be carried out in the Roll stock film production enterprises.  As a result, packaging companies only need to do the printing operation, and transportation costs are reduced because they are supplied in Roll stock film.  With the emergence of Roll stock film, the whole process of plastic packaging is simplified into three steps: printing, transportation and packaging, which greatly simplifies the packaging process and reduces the cost of the whole industry. It is the choice of small packaging.

Our Roll stock film are manufactured with unique sizes, colors to meet the unique needs of your products. After sales, we will continue to track quality feedback. Our Roll stock film are exported to all over the world, including the United States, Europe and Australia.  We have also obtained BRC certificates, ISO certificates, and compostable certificates.Our factory has a group of management and technical personnel with many years of printing experience with Roll stock film, as well as a group of inspection personnel to ensure that the Roll stock film produced have excellent quality and meet the requirements of customers. Roll stock film free sample are available.

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