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Air Extraction Method of Vacuum Pouch


Exhaust the air in the vacuum pouch as much as possible to form a vacuum-like space, which can keep the food longer and better.

1. After the packaging bag is filled with food, place it on the operation table of the vacuum packaging machine. Pay attention to the position of the heat-sealing knife when placing the bag, put the bag evenly, put the suction nozzle into the bag, press the glue to flatten the bag, and then turn on the vacuum pump to start pumping air. When the vacuum requirement you need is reached, the suction nozzle is drawn out and heat-sealed.

2. After the packaging bag is filled, it is transferred to the vacuum chamber. The bag mouth will be automatically aligned, the bag will be flattened by pressing the glue, the vacuum pump will operate, and the air in the vacuum chamber will be pumped out. When the set index is reached, the pump stops, and the upper heat sealing knife presses down to perform heat sealing. After the heat sealing is completed, Transport it out of the vacuum chamber.

Vacuum Pouch

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