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The pouch of most people choose


Food packaging not only carries the mission of serving and protecting food, but also provides consumers with the greatest convenience and ease of use with the least impact on the environment. stand up bag, stand up zipper bag, these two packaging with its convenient, easy to use, excellent shelf display and environmental protection, in recent years in the field of food packaging more than ever.

 Stand up bag is a kind of flexible packaging bag with horizontal support structure at the bottom. It can stand on its own without relying on any support and whether the bag is opened or not. Stand up bag have excellent shelf display. In addition, in order to meet the personalized consumption demand, the Stand up bag can also add personalized design elements, such as handle, curve contour, resealable zipper, etc., thus greatly enhancing consumers’ purchasing desire. At present, Stand up bag have been widely used in the packaging of food, fruit juice, absorbable jelly, seasoning and pet food.

 Stand up zipper bag refers to adding a zipper on the basis of the original flexible packaging bag, so as to add resealable function for packaging bag, making consumers to repeatedly seal the unfinished food. In developed such as Europe country and area, the Stand up zipper bag has been widely used in meat, cheese, frozen food, nuts, confectionery and pastry food packaging fields, while at present our Stand up zipper bag is mainly used in the fields of areca and tea. The Stand up zipper bag used in food packaging mainly includes three series: pressing type, sliding type and pull chain type.

Although the development history of stand up bag and stand up zipper bag in our country is not long enough, it has shown a good development momentum. In the near future, these two soft packaging forms will be more and more widely used in the field of food packaging.

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