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Different kinds of coffee bags give you different choices


Nowadays, people’s living standards are improving constantly, and their work is becoming busier and busier. In recent years, coffee has become a favorite drink for young people. They drink a cup of coffee when they are sleepy at work and a cup of coffee when they stay up late at night. Coffee has become one of the main indispensable drinks in daily life.

With the increasing popularity of coffee drinks, the demand for coffee is increasing, and the number of coffee producers is also increasing. Therefore, coffee packaging is very important. Because coffee beans will naturally produce carbon dioxide after roasting, direct insertion into bags can easily lead to packaging damage and long-term exposure to air will cause aroma loss and lead to the oxidation of oil and aromatic components in coffee resulting in quality degradation. So the packaging material of coffee beans is more important.

Here we will introduce our coffee bag to you.

1. According to the material of the bag, we have kraft paper coffee bag, aluminum foil coffee bag and plastic coffee bag.

Kraft paper coffee bag

Aluminum foil coffee bag

 (1)Kraft paper coffee bags

Pure natural brown kraft paper will give people a healthy and nostalgic impression; kraft paper packaging has moisture-proof and durable characteristics, to prevent moisture and deformation. Can better protect food.

Kraft paper bags usually have aluminum foil inside. Because this can be better moisture-proof, and the innermost layer is PE material, stable and non-toxic.

(2)Aluminum foil coffee bags

1. Aluminum foil bag has good sealing performance. It can protect the original flavor of coffee well. It does not lose the fragrance, but also the related fragrance. At the same time, it also protects the coffee from dampness.

2. Aluminum foil bag avoids sunshine and protects coffee products better.

3. Aluminum foil bags are odorless and non-toxic. After coffee is packaged, they will not produce odor and toxins. They are safe products.

4. Aluminum foil bags have smooth appearance and good printing effect. After coffee and aluminum foil bags print colorful patterns, coffee and other products will show more grade.

5. Aluminum foil bags have strong plasticity. Different types of coffee bags can be customized according to customers’requirements, such as three-sided sealed coffee aluminum foil bags, flat-bottomed coffee aluminum foil bags, self-contained coffee aluminum foil bags, medium-sealed organ coffee aluminum foil bags and so on.

In a word, coffee aluminum foil bags have a protective effect on coffee products. Whether it is sold in containers or during transportation, they better protect coffee from outside influence and better protect coffee and other related products.

2. According to the types of bags, they can be divided into stand up coffee bags, side gusseted coffee bags, flat bottom coffee pouch, three-sided seal coffee bags etc.

(1)Stand upcoffee pouch-Click here to learn more.

Our stand up coffee packaging bags have the advantages of excellent sealability and strength of composite materials, not easy to crack and leak, light weight, less material consumption and easy transportation. At the same time, the packaging material has anti-static, anti-ultraviolet, oxygen and moisture barrier, easy to seal and other high-performance.

Stand up coffee zipper bag is light weight and firm. It can be produced in large quantities at a low price.

Stand up coffee zipper bag is multi-functional and easy to colour. At the same time, the self-supporting packaging bag has high heat sealing fastness, pressure resistance and drop resistance, even if it falls from a high place carelessly, it will not cause the bag to burst and leak, which greatly improves the product safety.

(2)Side gusseted coffee bags-Click here to learn more.

Side gusset coffee bags are gaining popularity for many applications across a wide range of industries. Their durable material helps extend shelf life by ensuring the product remains safely sealed and protected.

Our side gusset coffee bags are most widely used for packaging snacks and dried foods such as nuts, cookies, coffee beans and more.

With the addition of a one way degassing valve, side gusseted bags are perfect for coffee packaging.Because roasted coffee beans produce a lot of carbon dioxide. The function of the air valve on the coffee bag is to discharge the gas generated by the coffee beans out of the bag, thus ensuring the quality of the coffee beans and eliminating the risk of the coffee bag bursting. In addition, the exhaust valve can also block the outside oxygen into the bag, and cause the coffee beans to oxidize deterioration!

Side gusseted coffee bags are available in a wide selection of sizes and colors including gloss and matte finishes. They also come in block bottom or a quad seal construction that offers extra durability and capable of packaging heavier products. Our side gusseted coffee bags are the perfect option for those who want to make a statement about their product.

(3)Flat bottom coffee pouch

Flat-bottomed coffee bags (box bags) have become a popular choice for coffee packaging, because flat-bottomed bags combine the best advantages of side gusseted bags and stand up bags. The bottom of the bags is square sealed structure, which provides additional durability and can pack heavier products.

We not only produce customized printed coffee bags, but also provide various sizes and colors of stock bags. If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us for catalogue.
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