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The production process of stand up pouch


1. Printing process
If you want to have an excellent appearance, excellent planning is the prerequisite, but the printing process is more important. Food packaging bags often touch the food directly, so the printing conditions are also very strict. Whether it is ink or solvent, it should comply with food inspection regulations.

2. the composite process of stand up pouch manufacturers
Most food packaging bags use a composite structure, which has the advantage of making the packaging material have heat-sealability, and can block the ink layer to prevent food contamination. There are many forms of compounding, and the commonly used compounding methods are mainly solvent-free compounding, dry compounding and extrusion compounding. Different compounding methods have different advantages and disadvantages, which are all food manufacturers need to pay attention to.

3. the maturation process
Can it be processed immediately after the materials are compounded? unable. Since the composite glue has not completely dried out, the composite strength at the moment is very low, and the data is very simple and will show delamination. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen the composite strength through maturing techniques. The so-called maturation is to allow the data to be stored naturally in a relatively stable temperature (usually more than 30 degrees), usually for a few to tens of hours at a time, and its function is to accelerate the process of glue drying and greatly enhance the composite strength.

4.stand up pouch factory slitting and bag making process
Generally speaking, after the maturation time is enough, the slitting and bag making process of the specified size can be carried out. Slitting is to cut from large rolls into small rolls, which is convenient for food manufacturers to pack on automatic machines; bag making is to make a target bag shape by a bag making machine in accordance with customer requirements.

5.inspection process
Excellent product quality is closely related to the rigor of inspection operations. After the product is finished, it must go through a lot of manual inspection operations to remove defective products. Pass the inspection and pass the product talents to the customer.
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