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The working principle of the anti static pouch


Anti static pouch can protect electrostatic sensitive components from potential electrostatic hazards to the greatest extent. It has a unique three-layer structure, which can form a (induction cover) effect to protect articles in production from electrostatic field. In addition, the inner layer is composed of antistatic polyethylene, which can prevent static electricity in the bag. This heat sealing bag is transparent, Internal objects can be clearly identified from the outside. Surface resistance value: 10 ^ 6-10 ^ 11 Ω

Anti static pouch (anti-static bag, anti-static packaging bag) is a kind of composite bag, which is widely used in the packaging of all kinds of PC boards, computer motherboards, sound cards, graphics cards, network cards and electrostatic sensitive high-tech electronic products. The anti-static packaging material is made of multi-layer materials through composite coating, the inner layer is a thermal sealing layer, and the sealing strength is twice higher than that of ordinary materials; The middle layer is a high-strength mechanical layer with excellent mechanical function; The outer layer is a conductive layer. The material is compatible with related chemical products and has good performance. It will not react with the packaged materials during packaging and storage. It can be directly used for contact packaging of related products. Its moisture-proof performance reaches grade II and excellent high and low temperature performance. It has good comprehensive mechanical properties, adapts to general drop and meets the requirements of packaging strength. It also has good processability. The conductive layer adopts coating process, It can be processed into required shape according to user's requirements
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