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RJ pack purchased in HP Indigo Digital Printing Machine


RJ Pack has bought in HP Indigo 25K Digital Printing machine.


From original creative design to page assembly and then printing the finished product,there is no need for negative film or exposure equipment,and complicated processes such as imposition,turning over and stamping.Data are directly transmitted to the printing machine by digital technology.


Digital Printing gives a new definition to printing,and the printing process of digital printing enables design,typing,color separation,plate making,printing,binding or packaging to be completed consistently,which not only shortens the time,but also saves a lot of manpower expenditure and expenses.As mentioned above,the characteristics of digital printing can be summarized as follows:


(1) flexible,easy to revise,not affected by the original process.

(2) The operation process time is shortened,which is more competitive and economical.

(3) Simple operation,a key breakthrough in the electronization and automation of printing machinery,and personnel can operate freely without special training.

(4) There is no storage cost.Because digital printing machines can be printed at any time and have no plates,there is no need to consider storage.

(5) the cost is low.DP is directly printed on paper

(6) The time is short. As the processing time is shortened.

(7) Zero pollution.Instead of printing with traditional ink,it is printed with carbon powder,so there is no environmental protection problem.


The only drawback is that digital prints are of slightly lesser quality than offset prints,but the difference is often negligible.

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