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The Reason for the Ink Shedding During the Production of the Anti-static Pouch


Causes of ink shedding in Anti-static Pouch

1. There is ink in the heat-sealed area.

2. The ink has poor heat resistance.

3. Use grid type heat sealing tool.

4. For aluminum foil composite materials, even if the surface layer is not softened, the AC agent and printing ink have melted, and thus become a film and fall off.

Anti-static Pouch

The solution to the Anti-static Pouch ink shedding

1. Avoid the presence of ink in the heat-sealed area.

2. Use ink with good heat resistance.

3. Use a flat heat-sealing tool and paste a sheet of PTFE under the heat-sealing tool.

4. The anti-static bag uses AC agent and printing ink with good heat resistance to reduce the heat sealing temperature and prolong the heat sealing time.

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