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Recycling of PP Recyclable Packaging Pouches is Feasible


Recycling of PP Recyclable Packaging Pouches is Feasible.Llig, Battenfeld-Cincinnati, and Green Dot Germany have jointly developed and produced cups and trays made of recycled plastic in a joint project.
At the 2019 K exhibition in Germany, these three companies presented new contributions to sustainable development and resource protection, and demonstrated feasible ways to achieve higher recycling rates.
The raw materials used to produce the sheet are provided by the German Green Point Company and the German Dual System Waste Collection Company.
In order to recycle these materials, Recycling of PP Recyclable Packaging Pouches is Feasible waste must first go through several complex sorting processes (nir near infrared spectroscopy separation, float-sink separation and hydrocyclone separation).
The pet part is prepared by conventional cleaning, and the pp part is prepared by optimized sorting and washing technology and systalen primus pp regranulation process.
The German Green Dot company has now started a new process, which can separate various packaging products according to different items to produce high-quality pet pallets.
The sheets used to make pp cups or pet trays are produced on an ultra-modern three-layer sheet production line in the Battenfeld-Cincinnati Sheet Technology Laboratory. The production line is equipped with a 75 t6.1 high-speed extruder suitable for pp sheet processing and a 120-40 star extruder suitable for pet sheet processing.
"Perfect" plasticization
The compact pp extruder provides low energy consumption and high output rate, while the pet extruder has a special process combination, a single screw equipped with a central planetary roller part to make the sheet melt subject to a high level of disinfection and purification. Both extruders are designed for the plasticization and uniform molding of sheet melting.
These ideal thermoformed sheets are produced by multi-contact roll sets, which are also part of the equipment.
Due to the large number of roll gaps in the recalibration part, a tension-free sheet with high flatness and high transparency can be produced, and the transparency of this sheet depends on the transparency of the raw material.
A two-roller group is responsible for pre-calibration. In this case, it is designed to be an angle of 45° to accommodate pp and pet sheets.
Finally, illig conducted various tests in its technical laboratory to produce cups and trays from extruded sheets.
The final products manufactured are all proven to have the same attributes as the raw materials with comparable packaging solutions.
On the rdm73k thermoforming production line, a cup-shaped mold is used to process the recycled single-layer pp sheet, and an rd74d pallet mold is used to process the recycled single-layer pet sheet.
In this test, illig tested three single-layer sheets and one composite sheet made of recycled pet, each of which achieved excellent results in the food-grade assurance test.
It can be seen from the above that it is basically feasible to separate 100% recycled materials from the household waste collection system and reprocess them into packaging products with necessary attributes. The next stage will be to test the quality of the updated food-grade packaging and optimize the process.
Dr. Markus Hellftewes, CEO of Green Dot Germany, said:
"The cooperation with Batfield-Cincinnati and Illig is a groundbreaking effort in several ways. This project provides a first-class recycling option for pet pallets, and this small part of it has not been possible before. Yes. We can now demonstrate how the Recycling of PP Recyclable Packaging Pouches is Feasible waste in the yellow bag is transformed into food-grade plastic packaging again. This is groundbreaking and I am very happy that we and our partners can set the standard again."

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