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Plastic Compostable Packaging Pouches
  • Air ProPlastic Compostable Packaging Pouches
  • Air ProPlastic Compostable Packaging Pouches
  • Air ProPlastic Compostable Packaging Pouches
  • Air ProPlastic Compostable Packaging Pouches
  • Air ProPlastic Compostable Packaging Pouches
  • Air ProPlastic Compostable Packaging Pouches
  • Air ProPlastic Compostable Packaging Pouches

Plastic Compostable Packaging Pouches

Plastic compostable packaging Pouches have become incredibly popular (rightly so) and there’re many reasons to why it’s such a hot topic in the packaging world right now. This is the trend of environmental protection It can be laminate to PLA or lined with kraft, both material are home compostable.

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Product Description

Plastic compostable packaging Pouches


RJ pack is the leading manufacturer in EU and US of producing Plastic compostable packaging Pouches over 4 years and have obtained compostable certificate of pre-made pouches. Our effective machinery and updated technologies are able to serve the bulk order from our clients in an efficient manner. Our experienced team ensures the quality and prompt service which has been trusted by very authentic and big clients of the market. We also ensure after-sale service of our every client and order value and have gained authenticity as a seed pouch supplier.


1.Product Introduction


PLA stands for Polylactic Acid. It’s a new type of high molecular polymer material and is commonly known as corn plastic. PLA is made from renewable resources, is biodegradable and has characteristics similar to Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE) and Polystyrene (PS). Plastic compostable packaging Pouches degrade within the first 180 days, it’s 100% biodegradable and can be composted to ensure sustainability. PLA will decompose into digestible polymer fragments in about 7 days at 60°C in a moist environment - a typical composting condition for a large composting operation.


2.Product Parameter (Specification)



Plastic compostable packaging pouches


Customized, from 0.5oz to 10kgs


Up to 10 colors


Kraft, PLA, PBS, PBAT. All In food grade and compliant with EU and FDA standard.

Quality Control

Advanced Equipment and Experienced QC Team will check material, semi-finished and finished products strictly in every step before shipping


3. Plastic compostable packaging pouches Feature And Application


Biodegradability - A major advantage of using Plastic compostable packaging Pouches for packaging is its biodegradability. Carbon reduction - Emissions of greenhouse gases produced during the manufacturing of PLA is lower than other plastics.

No toxic fumes or pollution

Excellent oxygen and moisture barrier

Heat sealable. Vacuum Sealable (Chamber Vacuum Seal Method)

Made from kraft paper and compostable laminated film

Home compostable and industrial compostable

Perfect for packaging dry foods, health products, subscriptions and refills, as well as non-food items


4. plastic compostable packaging Pouches Details




5. plastic compostable packaging pouches Qualification


The materials we used are FDA and EU approved, and our factory has obtained BRC and ISO certificate.


6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving of Plastic compostable packaging pouches


The lead time takes about 10-20 working days, and the transport time is estimated according to different regions. All the goods will have full inspection before shipping out.

1). By Express (3-5 working days), suitable for Urgent Time and Small Quantity.

2). By Sea (15-30 days), suitable for regular Mass Production.

3). By Air (5-7 days), from Airport to Airport.       




1.How long s your delivery time?

I will take 20 - 40 days according to order quantity of Plastic compostable packaging pouches


2.What certificates do you have?

We have BRC, HACCP, SGS And ISO. And we have recyclable and compostable certificates for these environmental PLA compostable packaging pouches as well.


3. How many years has your company been established?

Our company established in 2003


4 What's your MOQ

10,000 pcs for pouch and 200g for film


5 Do you have office overseas?

No, we are factory in China and we don’t have office overseas


6 Are you a factory and can you provide packaging solution?

Yes, we are experienced factory that stand for nearly 20 years. We have rich experience in providing packaging solution for your products. 


7 What's your main products?

Our products include stand up pouch, gusset bag, Flat Bottom Pouches, 2/3 side seal bag, spout pouch and roll stock film, etc. And we have rich experience at producing recyclable and compostable PTC Zipper Stand Up Pouches.


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