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Newest Product - One-Side Coated Pure Kraft Paper Pouch


Responding to environmental protection, RJ PACK is successfully produced a product called One-Side Coated Pure Kraft Paper Pouch. It’s made of single layer high-barrier Kraft paper, it's suitable for small volume packaging, like 50 gram, 100 gram and 250 gram. The kraft paper we're using is FSC certified paper, the heat seal coating is water soluble and in food grade, we have SGS
certificate for pre-made pouch. 

These Brown Disposable Pure Kraft Paper Bags has high barrier and heat seal coating, they can protect the food and prolong the shelf life of the food. It's environmentally friendly, can be recyclable and compostable/degradable. The delivery time will be greatly shortened, because there is no lamination. 

It can be made into different pouch shapes, like stand up pouch, gusset pouch, flat bottom pouch, etc. Warm welcome to send inquiry and get Free samples.

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