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RJ Container Shipment -- Fin Seal Gusset Pouches


After May Day Holiday, we are back to arrange the shipment today.
1 container shipment for Fin Seal Gusset Pouches, it will be shipped to Canada.

Fin Seal Gusset Pouches used for packing coffee, tea, pet food, frozen food, nuts, etc. With the excellent printing quality, there is an aluminum layer laminated, which is a very good barrier to resist moisture, oil, oxygen, light etc. The bag is made of PET film, which has a good barrier, so it can keep coffee fresh and prolong the valid time.

Fin Seal Gusset Pouches Can be made into ordinary PET/MPET/PE material, or made into recyclable and biodegradable material. They are green material, Non benzene and ketone printing, Energy conservation & eco-friendly. Fin Seal Gusset Pouches also has features such as high barrier property against air, moisture and puncture etc.

We also supply bulk pouches like Stand Up Pouches With Spout and Heat Seal Roll stock Film, please send inquiry to get more information. Free sample is available, Low 100pcs MOQ is available too. 

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