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The 132nd Canton Fair


The second time of 132nd Canton Fair is from April 23-27, for the Light industry daily consumption Category: Kitchen Utensils, Daily Ceramics, Craft Ceramics, Home Decoration, Glass Crafts, Furniture Weaving and Rattan Iron Crafts, Garden Products, iron and stone Products (outdoor), Household Products, Personal care Appliances, bathroom Supplies, Clocks, glasses, Toys, Gifts and giveaways, holiday supplies, etc.

RJ Pack is committed to flexible packaging for packaging coffee, snack foods, frozen foods, daily products, chemical products, etc. The main products include Stand up pouch, Roll stock film, etc. More than thirty different material structures are used for different packaging purposes. 

Responding to environmental protection, we also successfully developed, we also successfully developed 100% recyclable packaging, compostable flexible packaging.

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