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Causes of Wrinkling of Retort Pouch


Wrinkle phenomenon of high temperature Retort Pouch:

1. The printed substrate has vertical, horizontal or irregular wrinkles.

2. The surface of the base material and the composite base material are wrinkled and cracked, and the flatness is poor.

3. The printing substrate shrinks, and the shrinkage part is separated from the composite substrate. There is air in the middle, which is in the form of strips, and the peeling strength is often poor.

Retort Pouch

Causes of wrinkles on the surface of high-temperature Retort Pouch after sterilization:

1. The temperature of the drying tunnel is too high during printing, and the constant tension between rewinding and unwinding is inconsistent, and the unwinding tension is too large to cause deformation of the PET film.

2. The paper core of the winding material roll is not smooth. Due to the continuous increase in volume of the winding product, the bottom of the winding will be longitudinally or horizontally wrinkled, making the originally flat printing substrate uneven. This wrinkle phenomenon is compounding It is not easy to eliminate during the process.

3. The printing traction roller has foreign matter or is too dirty. When the printing substrate passes through the foreign matter, it slides laterally. When the sliding substrate passes the embossing rubber roller, it is wrinkled. This kind of wrinkle has regularity. No.

4. Ink and adhesive: When cooking film printing, add as little or no alcohol solvent as possible to ink thinner.

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