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The difference between PP Recyclable Packaging Pouches and PE Recyclable Packaging Pouches.


PP bag is a kind of plastic bag, this kind of plastic bag is mainly made of polypropylene this material, the production process is mainly color printing and offset printing. The color of PP bag is relatively bright, generally woven bags, which belong to thermoplastic bags, have good tensile property. PP bag belongs to the environmental protection bag, non-toxic and tasteless and more transparent, generally in cosmetics accessories and some toys, electronics and so on industry packaging more used, this kind of bag has good toughness, and better quality, but for packaging is better, not suitable for bearing.
PE bag is also a kind of plastic bag, but this kind of plastic bag is made of polyethylene. As we all know, polyethylene is the best material. This material is not only non-toxic and odorless, but also feels very good. PE bag also has good moisture-proof, acid and alkali resistance and oxidation resistance, so it is more important and more used. PE bag is commonly used in various food packaging, as well as some fiber packaging. Our daily necessities can also be used, which has good ductility and will not be easily damaged when used.
What is the difference between PP bag and PE bag?
First of all, the materials used in PP bags and PE bags are different. PP bags use polypropylene, but PE bags use polyethylene. Polyethylene is a relatively simple polymer, but polypropylene is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic.
The difference between PP bag and PE bag also lies in their respective characteristics. PE bag has no taste, no poison, and feels like wax with hands. It has good low temperature resistance, and the lowest use temperature can reach 100 degrees below zero. At normal temperature in the general solvent will not melt, and the water absorption is relatively small, but also has good electrical insulation, but the anti-aging property is not very good. PP bag has good mechanical properties, good toughness, impact resistance is also relatively good, in strong acid and alkali and organic binder will not change.

The third difference is that the scope of use is not the same, PE bags are used more are plastic bags and some plastic film, but PP bags are used more in some industries, for a variety of food and drink and so on to provide good packaging.

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